About Us

Stone Lodge Therapeutic School is a small specialist school which operates on a simple ethos of care, understanding and ambition.

The school is now registered and open. We are accepting referrals but please note we are in high demand and receive around 30 formal requests for places a week. This means it can take some time to respond – please be patient. 

We will only take pupils if we are sure we can meet their needs and they will be a good fit for the other children. 

Care – we care passionately about the children entrusted to us. We recognise that children cannot learn unless they feel safe and supported and this is achieved through a consistent nurturing
approach. The wellbeing of our pupils is the foremost priority of the school, and they are given the same standards of care and education that we endeavour to achieve for our own children.

Understanding – all children are unique and those with additional needs and skills more so than others. We believe that diversity should be celebrated, and by achieving a robust understanding of our pupils we can create an empathetic and child focused community, supporting our pupils to understand and value their individuality while we provide a flexible curriculum tailored to meeting their needs as individuals.

Ambition – all children, regardless of early childhood experience, diagnosis or difficulties deserve the opportunity to thrive and achieve their aspirations. Stone Lodge Therapeutic School focuses on
removing barriers for our pupils, who are defined as individuals by their potential, determination, skills and character

How do we deliver our ethos?
Care – all staff at Stone Lodge Therapeutic School are united by a desire to improve the lives of our pupils. By creating an environment in which our pupils feel safe and secure we can support them to develop as individuals. We utilise methodology across coaching, challenge and reflection to equip our pupils with the transferrable skills they require to form healthy relationships, manage difficult situations and live as successful adults. We understand that mistakes are part of being human and by supporting our pupils to learn from their mistakes we enable them to develop confidence and resilience.
Understanding – The pupils at Stone Lodge Therapeutic School are complex, and often come to us following traumatic experiences both educationally and socially. All staff are trained in unpicking our
pupils presentations and developing understanding using the P.A.C.E (Playfulness / Acceptance /Curiosity / Empathy) approach; an evidence-based method developed by Clinical Psychologist Dr Dan Hughes. Empathy and curiosity foster understanding, from which our pupils can develop secure attachments and be supported to heal from past traumas, developing the children’s own self- awareness and social skills.

Ambition – Our curriculum is underpinned by a drive to empower our pupils to achieve their academic and social potential. We recognise that children learn in different ways, and all pupils are supported via individual learning programmes which will enable them to achieve the qualifications required to progress on to their chosen career. We deliver a traditional GCSE curriculum in addition to subject specific specialist work-related qualifications and can commission external providers to deliver additional bespoke packages in line with a pupil’s talents and aspirations.

We want all children, regardless of history or diagnosis to thrive and meet their potential. We want children to be defined by their potential, not by the barriers they face.