Working at Stone Lodge

Who are we looking for?

Who are we looking for?
We operate on the principles of care, understanding and ambition.
Care for the pupils, care for each other as a staff team, care for the environment.
Understanding the needs of the pupils and how we can support them to flourish.
Ambition for our pupils to achieve their potential and ambition for our staff team to also grow, develop and progress to meet our potential.

The school operates using therapeutic principles developed by Dr Dan Hughes (PACE) and Dr Kim Golding (Connection before Correction). With a high level of consistency, support and training we will create a caring environment when everyone is valued but where there are clear boundaries and expectations for our pupils.
The curriculum will include a full traditional GCSE offer, which all pupils admitted will be cognitively able to access, but also has an enhanced focus on supporting pupils to develop their social skills, emotional regulation and individual character. Alongside academic lessons, all pupils will complete 1 day per week of outdoor education, and access interventions appropriate to their individual need, including, social interaction lessons, anxiety management sessions and sensory interventions. Some pupils will have access direct interventions with a member of the therapy team.
Classes will be carefully designed to ensure that pupils are with appropriate peers, with a maximum of 6 children per class. All classes will have a minimum of a class teacher supported by a mentor. The mentor will support pupils in their learning, behaviour and social interactions, working closely with the teacher. We expect teachers to focus on delivering high quality education, well differentiated to meet the needs of the pupils, spending more time working directly with their pupils and less time on paperwork – what most teachers wanted when they started their careers.
The school will grow in stages with significant investment in staff training followed by further investment in individual staff with a view to progression as the school grows. Once Stone Lodge Therapeutic School is established, Rockingham Education intend to open further school sites
creating opportunities for progression for team members.
We are flexible about whether staff work full or part time – but we want hardworking, resilient and empathetic staff who will “go the extra mile” to support the pupils.
We welcome applications from staff from all backgrounds, origins and genders.
We do not expect you to have worked at a SEN school – but we do expect a real desire to learn and develop as a professional in whichever role you apply for. 

Please contact the Principal if you have any questions or have skills you think will benefit the school –

If you would like to be considered in the future please complete the application form and email it to us. When we have a suitable role we think will suit we will be in touch.

Current Vacancies

We have the following vacancies – they can also be found on The Times Educational Supplement jobs pages. 

If you are interested in working with us in the future please complete an application form and send it to us – we will then contact you when a suitable post comes up.

Please also read the Principal’s letter and click on the job titles for further information

Classroom Mentor JD Please apply asap

Principal’s Letter for All Candidates

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