Stone Lodge Therapeutic School

Stone Lodge Therapeutic School, Northamptonshire.

Stone Lodge Therapeutic School is an independent SEN specialist school  based near Kettering in Northamptonshire but welcomes referrals from local authorities nationally. It caters for a maximum of 36 children aged 11-17, all of whom have an Education Health and Care Plan with main presenting needs in the area of Social, Emotional and Mental Health and/ or Autism Spectrum Condition.

 All aspects of school life are underpinned by therapeutic principles and carefully designed and implemented with therapeutic principles at the forefront of the minds of all staff. In addition to the therapeutic ethos and environment at Stone Lodge Therapeutic School is a team of adept and experienced therapists, whose purpose is to undertake direct work with children where required, and to train and support staff thereby ensuring that all pupils needs are recognised individually and met holistically.

The primary goal of Stone Lodge Therapeutic School will be to support our pupils’ social and emotional development to ensure that they can access a rich and varied curriculum and meet their academic potential. All pupils will be given robust support to prepare for adulthood and ensure that they have the skills and qualifications required to move on at the end of their formal education and enter further education, training or  employment.

The school opened in June 2023 and the some examples of the latest parent feedback can be found below: 


Parental Feedback November 2023:

  • “I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that Stone Lodge has had a life changing impact not only for my child, but for my whole family. My child faced significant challenges in mainstream secondary; these affected her mental health this impacted on the whole family. To be in an environment where she is known and understood is just amazing. Of course we have ‘bumpy’ days – but these are FAR fewer.”
  • “She didn’t even want to go to school before now she can’t wait to go…”
  • “For so long I have felt that we have battled with a system that did not work for my child. Everything was a fight and more than once I considered withdrawing my child from education all together. I am so glad I didn’t. We are so lucky to have a place at Stone Lodge. A place where my child’s needs are understood and supported; a place where (finally) my child feels safe enough to learn; a place where my child is actively encouraged to be their true self; a place where learning and emotional well being are recognised as being intertwined and BOTH are prioritised. Thank you”
  • “They are an outstanding school and I am over the moon that my son attends this school.”


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The Principal - Ollie Sharp

Welcome to our new school!

I have been lucky enough to work with pupils with additional needs and skills for more than 20 years in roles such as Headteacher, Head of Care and Principal and I am thrilled to set up this new school.

This school is very important – partly because it is a truly independent school. We are free to act in anyway to support the pupils in our care and going above and beyond is our expectation. I believe that a good school should adapt it’s shape to fit the shape of the child – and with only up to 36 children I believe we can really provide that.

We have been inundated with admission enquiries and at this point we ware not considering any new admissions until we feel the children we are already committed to are settled. In practical terms this is likely to be January 2024.

I believe in working very closely with parents and carers so please contact me for an informal discussion about the school and how it can support your child. 

What Ofsted said about The Principal at previous schools:

“The headteacher of the school is an inspirational leader.  Young people said: ‘He is brilliant’, ‘so nice’ and ‘funny’. He shows incredible skill in managing the pace of change. Changes are carefully considered. He has ensured that all staff understand the reasons for change and that there is a shared belief and understanding in the school’s ethos. A creative and innovative approach has brought excitement and enthusiasm to the leadership team, and all are motivated by young people’s progress.” Jan 2019 The Grange Residential Ofsted report
“A parent said “Everyone cares and it is top down. The head of school radiates that every pupil should be loved and cared for.”” June 2022 The Grange Residential Ofsted report